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2021 Season

  • STORR Big Daddy 200
  • TDRA Race to Midnight
  • STORR Revenge 200

2021 STORR Revenge 200
Official Results

With the primary truck down for mechanical issues, coordination had to be made for another.  Bonus, we got an extra set of hands with it.  Thanks to Jim helping out, we had solid support for our first winter race.

It was 37°F when the green flag dropped for the Quad Pro class.  The Triple-6 got bumped up in the starting order.  Engine warmed, it was a strong launch complete with roost a small wheelie to begin the first of three 35-mile laps.  Thanks again to Jim and Esmerelda as well, pics captured the launch.

A whole new course this time, sharing only very few sections with the BD200 earlier this season (some of which were ran in the opposite direction as before) making them harder to recognize.  More straight sections helped out with speed and time data.


While we are still awaiting the official results, our self-recorded GPS data showed a moving time of 02:47:xx minutes plus stopped time of 00:08:06 for an estimated elapsed time of 2:55:06.  Speed data showed a lot of improvement, with average speed of 37.8 MPH with a max of 74.5 MPH, per the GPS.  The quad had more to give, but the loose-over-hard surface required some extra focus to keep on track without over-shooting hard turns.

With El Paso being home, and the STORR crew excelling at changing up their courses, we always love running with them.

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2021 TDRA Race to Midnight
Official Results

Despite not being able to pre-run the course, we had a good start to the race, right on time and all.  The only delays on course were from the GPS unit detaching from its mount, several times, throughout the race.   We were in it for our longest run yet, Three 40 mile laps.  120 miles of rough Texas hills, that's twice the distance we ran in El Paso (below).

The first lap done in 1:33:26 which was surprisingly quick considering the "sighting first" strategy going into it.  The second was done in 1:38:52 after recovering the GPS from the side of the course.  Having re-secured it, the best time was made on the final lap with a 1:32:09 for a for a total of 4:44:27 combined. 


Trading whoops measured in feet from El Paso for the rocky hills of west-central Texas, average speed dropped a bit to 25 mph.  All still good enough to take the top of the podium!

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2021 STORR Big Daddy 200
Official Results

After a rough start and some hasty, on course adjustments of onboard equipment, all was dialed in for lap two.


The second lap was 00:24:09 quicker than the first.  A comparison of individual lap times indicates that 01:10:55 demonstrates impressive potential for the only heavy quad in the entire race.

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