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Where to go & what to do

As we all know, Texas is a MASSIVE state, one of truly legendary proportions.  Also legend, worldwide, is the cowboy sprit which is part of the very DNA of Texas.  This is so widespread, that when travelling abroad, I am often asked if we still ride horses everywhere.

For all the fame of Texas, only two percent, yes 2%, of our own piece of the wild west is accessible public land.  Less still than that, are places where we can ride on modern day iron horses.

We are hoping to grow the interest.  Be it public, or private/commercial, we want to have more places to ride.  In that spirit, here is everything we have found so far.

Every Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) resouce we have found...  So far...

Check back regularly for updates.

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We seek to be stewards of the sport, for powersports enthusiasts, our vehicles and the places in which we ride.  We seek just protections for riders, vehicles, and motorsport venues.
We have studied pertinent parts of Texas law, we have identified several regulations inhibiting or imprecisely addressing the use of powersports vehicles.
Making direct contact with legislators, we aim to provide the missing subject matter expertise on our field.  We have identified current regulations are drafting amendments that will reduce misnomers, incorporate the latest advances in the industry, and enable riders to make appropriate use of the natural advantages of their vehicles.
The end state is to craft more precise legislation that best serves powersports enthusiasts and the People of Texas.

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