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State of Texas

We encourage every Texan to actively participate in these programs, to maximize their growth. 

Make officials take notice that we love this cause and want it to thrive.  The more who participate, the more influence we gain to make these programs the best they can be.

Texas OHV Logo.png

"The Texas Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV) Program was created by the Texas Legislature in the 2005 session and the program become effective on January 1, 2006.  The OHV Program was established to help create legal and safer places to ride and to encourage the safe and responsible use of OHVs on the lands of Texas. The program is also designed to provide funding to develop more recreational areas for OHV users."  -Official website

Texas OHV Decal 24.png

"Texas OHV decals are $16 and are good Sept. 1 - Aug. 31 of the following year.

Revenues generated by the sale of the decals are used to create new and improve existing OHV recreation areas in Texas.

OHV decals are required by law for all individuals operating an OHV in Texas at an OHV legal venue which is located on the public lands of Texas, or on lands which have received OHV grants from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department."  -Official website

"The TxDMV is required to title off-highway vehicles (ATVs, ROVs, UTVs, and Sand Rails), but these vehicles are not eligible for registration. Off-highway vehicles are eligible to receive an Off-Highway Vehicle license plate, which may be obtained from your county tax assessor-collector’s office."  -Official website.

The Texas OHV license plate may be the best kept secret in the sport.  Anything beyond the most basic information on them is harder to find that it should be.  There are still many caveats on the applicability of the plates, some make little-to-no sense given the state of the art in the powersports industry today, and others seem like more trouble than they may be worth to enforce.  All that said, WE WILL HAPPILY TAKE ANY PROGRESS WE CAN GET!

Here are the steps to get your Texas OHV license plate:

  1. Have your vehicle's full Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) & either the Title, or Registration Receipt.  Any state provided legal document proving ownership in your name.

  2. Proceed to your local County Tax Assessor-Collector's office.

  3. Pay the one-time fee, it was $14.75 in January of 2023.

  4. Receive your plate on-the-spot.  They are in-stock items with random/generic numbers that are assigned during the transaction.

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