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About Us

Wild Horse Motorsports was founded by Preston V. Bissuett in March of 2020...  Perfect timing to start a business and race team, right?

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas he began riding quads at the age of six with the Rio Grande levy acting as an off-road highway, roaming all over El Paso's upper valley and neighboring Santa Teresa, NM.  This was only the beginning of a lifelong love for motorsports in multiple forms.  That seed that has since been watered by three major sources of experience throughout his life so far.

Harry Vold.jpeg

The first was working in professional rodeo, for the Southwestern International Livestock Show & Rodeo in El Paso, TX as well as the Harry Vold Rodeo Company at the ranch in Colorado and rodeos across the American west.  It was Harry Vold himself who inspired our name and logo. 


Skills learned here include live event production, an introduction to advertising and marketing, logistics management while travelling as well as the importance of personal oversight and putting on a smooth running, entertaining show.

The second is an assortment of experience working in powersports and automotive dealerships beginning in early college days circa 2007 and continuing intermittently to present day. 


In total, working in six different dealerships, three powersports and three automotive, and spanning all three major departments, sales, service and parts.  Positions held included everything from porter to sales associate, as well as parts associate, to internal service advisor and assisting with marketing and representing shops at outside events. 


Colleagues at an Austin, TX area automotive dealership, admiring his ability to identify incoming trade-in vehicles from across the lot, may have used the term "rain man of cars".

06_Dubai Autodrome (1).JPG
Audi R8 Cockpit.png

The third, beginning after college, is ongoing service in the U.S. Army (Res) as an Engineer, including three tours overseas.  Afghanistan in 2014, Kuwait & Iraq in 2017 and Kuwait, Iraq & Syria in 2019.  Serving in project management, operations, and planning capacities in the context of military engineering projects across the Middle Eastern area of operations.

Preston studied business management, communication and military science at Sul Ross State University and then graduated from Texas State University.  It was in San Marcos that sports cars and road course driving was discovered at a local track.

After venturing off into sports cars and working out how to turn a Mustang into a thoroughbred from 2009 into 2019, It was on the third tour that he rediscovered cross-country desert racing and began applying some Army planning doctrine to the idea of competing himself.  Getting back to off-road roots, assessment began of what it really takes to go off-road racing.  Being 7,000 miles from home at the time, it took some "field expedient" methods of gathering information to determine the feasibility of the undertaking.  It was found to be achievable and the first step towards what we have today were taken.  Within the first few months back home, Wild Horse Motorsports, LLC was officially formed and the early phases of the plan began. 

More to follow...

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