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Quad Race Prep

After much research and deliberation, thoroughly comparing four different machines as well as multiple racing rulebooks, it was decided to run a 2019 Can-Am Outlander X-XC 1000R.  This quad was the most ready out-of-the-box while still being the best fit for the rulebooks which specified wheelbase limits and required OEM equipment. 


These come with some of the best suspension around, with full adjustability and the best ground clearance in class.  2019 is the last model year to have brakes at all four corners, which are fully hydraulic discs with braided stainless lines throughout.  The OEM tires and wheels are some of the best we've seen, even if they are still different sizes between the front and rear.  Most of the available aluminum skid plates are present from the factory as well.  Additionally, the Outlander gets past its nearest competitor in terms of power and fuel capacity.


The first thing that was done was to complete the set of underbody protection by adding the last three out of the seven total parts.  From there, we spent about 150 miles testing the quad to plan the next steps.  With great ground clearance comes a higher center of gravity, also we wanted to simplify our spare tire situation, so next was a "square setup" using one common tire size.  ITP Tire & Wheel joined the effort setting us up with new 12x7 SD beadlock wheels that add to the track width and matching 27x10R-12 UltraCross R-Spec tires all around.  To allow for the new wheels and tires to travel freely, body trimming was required.  To help with control and take the edge off of the rough courses, Fasst Co.  got onboard with their Flexx handlebars.  These bars use a set of elastomers to reduce vibration and soften big impacts while maintaining firm control.  The sweet red, white & blue pad cover is a nice touch too!


Finally, to streamline the quad, parts not necessary on the race course were removed.  The racks and fender extenders all came off.  While strong and secure, the racks are held on by 4 bolts each, all fairly easy to access from under the fenders.  Should the need arise, they should re-install fairly easily, especially with placeholder hardware installed in their absence. 

Update:  With HMF Exhaust now supporting, a Titan XL full system and Optimizer tuner have been added to the quad as well.  Fitting it on the big V-twin made for some tight spots around hardware, but that aside, it all went on smoothly and the test start proved no leaks anywhere.  The quad finally has the bark to go along with its bite!

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